Live Music Line Up

Black Sheep Music Line Up

Sunday, May 28th — Tony Rocker  3-6pm

Friday, June 2nd — Rob Anthony  5:30-8:30pm
Sunday, June 4th — R2  3-7pm
Thursday, June 8th — Mind the Gap  5:30-8:30pm
Friday, June 9th — Ted Egge  5:30-8:30pm
Saturday, June 10th — The Cougars  6-10pm
Sunday, June 11th — Bazooka Joe  3-7pm
Friday, June 16th — Grayling Pingel  6-9pm
Sunday, June 18th — Acoustic Endorphins  3-7pm
Friday, June 23rd — Tarl Knight  5:30-8:30pm
Thursday, June 29th — Pat McCurdy  7:30-10pm
Friday, June 30th — Jeff Jennings  w/ Michael  5:30-8:30pm

Sunday, July 2nd — Big Mouth  3-7pm
Friday, July 7th — Grayling Pingel  6-9pm
Sunday, July 9th — Conscious Pilot  3-7pm
Friday, July 14th — Tarl Knight  5:30-8:30pm
Sunday, July 16th — One Hot Mess  3-7pm
Friday, July 21st — Ted Egge  5:30-8:30pm
Sunday, July 23rd — Bazooka Joe  3-7pm
Friday, July 28th — Gary Weber  5:30-8:30pm
Sunday, July 30th — Red Clover  3-7pm

Friday, August 4th — Tarl Knight  5:30-8:30pm
Sunday, August 6th — Sweet Acoustics  3-7pm
Friday, August 11th — Ted Egge  5:30-8:30pm
Friday, August 18th — Grayling Pingel  6-9pm
Sunday, August 20th — R2  3-7pm
Thursday, August 24th — Pat McCurdy  7:30-10pm
Friday, August 25th — Rob Anthony  5:30-8:30pm
Saturday, August 26th — The Cougars  6-10pm
Sunday, August 27th — Bazooka Joe  3-7pm

Friday, September 1st — Ted Egge  5:30-8:30pm
Friday, September 8th —  Grayling Pingel  6-9pm
Friday, September 22  — Ted Egge  5:30-8:30pm

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